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Grand Monsoon | by Dan Ransom.



Open you’re eyes people. Our internet privacy is being taken away before our very eyes. #stopcispa

Why doesn’t this have more notes? :/ I think being aware the government can access your personal info anytime is pretty damn important.

TINYFACTS: Lessons From Successful Couples


We all know those couples: they’ve been together forever, they’re crazy about each other, and they somehow just make it look effortless. What’s their secret? Here are the top lessons to learn from successful couples:

· They stick it out. Successful couples don’t…

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If you don’t reblog this, I have no faith in your humanity whatsoever.

He’s off on an assignment sanctioned by his government to invade a country where people of the same age of his son will be shot to death in night raids and massacres will go unreported but pictures like this one will keep popping up on TV, social media dashboards and timelines to garner misplaced sympathy with a machine that uses people to kill people.
I am always amazed by how easily people fall for this kind of bullshit. More like if you don’t reblog this, I have faith in your ability to see through media propaganda that glorifies invasions and occupations by showing an Empire’s soldiers with their children but never showing the people they kill in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond.
Getting jealous for the wrong reasons


You trust your significant other. You know that they wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. They’ve made it clear that they want to be with you and only you. But you get jealous so easily… not because you think they’ll cheat, but because you’re so use to being hurt. You’re not mad at them, you’re mad at yourself for over thinking and assuming things. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been heart broken too many times…

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If a girl did this to me i would kiss her and make it the most passionate moment then any other moment in her life, and deeper in love she and i would fall


Hey guy cmere Ill do it to ya
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